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Migration from offline
World is on the verge of complete and global update.
The last control, prospective client elements and investment methods stop working.
We progressively dive into the digital world, and it means that for survival we need to adapt.
Business is not exception – there will survive that entrepreneur who is able and can adapt to different situations and who knows, what he will do in the case of crisis – failure!
The project "Made in Earth" offers in a completely new way look at your business.
Use already known technologies in a single mechanism and initiate it in your market segment.
Believe our extensive experience that 90% kinds offline of offline business can be moved into online without loss, increasing it and scaling further. You might not know about it, but after our communications you understand the true nature and immediately run into the patent office. :)
The idea
is that every of you now have a very brief opportunity to take your current business into the net and we, the team of project ''Make on Eart'', will help you make this migration.
We help
in all stages from projection and preparation of all documents for public authorities to final testing and launch the project.
Think carefully, because your competitor makes already to conduct this activity so far.
Make the simple calculation
There is your business.
How many competitors do you have? 10-20-100?
Just image, that you can go beyond your local business and fast scale it and become №1!
Right now
there are a lot of persons, wishing to make the migration of their business. We thoroughly consider certain business and make the research until give the answer.
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