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12 years
Premium design with selling strategic web marketing
Audit and analytics of your project with usability-testing
Goals and technically complicated solutions in programming area
Integration with third-party service for CRM and ERP systems
Service for sales increase
Meet the most difficult business challenges
Sites, CRM systems and mobile applications design.
Making of creative concept. We offer the unique solutions for your product.
Brand book development. We help form the integral image for your brand.
Develop the prototypes and scenarios of interactions.
Use the elements of users interface in testing.
Design all coherent hierarchy of standards.
CRM programming and
Development of all kinds of sites adapted to any tasks.
CRM development and implementation
Include in your project and complete it.
Adapt the page making to all kinds of devices.
Mobile development
Creation of mobile applications for IOS and Android
Development of server and client part with adaption to your tasks.
ASO – the search optimization of mobile applications.
Advertising and marketing
Setting and involvement Yandex and Google contextual advertising
Prepare the marketing plan for your company.
SEO – the search promotion, take your site toTOP-1
Migration from offline.
Conduct the site and your business audit.
Development the strategy of your business tacking to the new level.
Support at all stages, from beginning to finish.
Mobile application
Trading platform
Web development
Promo-site of Master Alex Anatole
Web development
Franchise quotation schedule
Mobile application
Coffee shops membership.
Marketing and Sales solutions
Education solutions
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Trading platform
Mobile App
Develop the application from the ground up for ios and android platform.
Create the unique user-friendly product with news and analytical exercise.
The application should be useful order to the client be available to read news, monitor currencies and certainly increase revenue trading in our platform.
The trade opportunities for beginners and the switch to demo account should be taken into consideration.
Trading platform should have the convenient tools and unique signal.
The most popular applications from trading area had been analysed, it was decided to create the section with the private office, the analytical section, the section with quotes courses, trading platform section and the support link-service section.
The trading process was examined; therefore it had been created the convenient functionality with well-designed tools and signals.
It was designed the private office with simple method of recharge and withdrawal funds.
The convenient method of feedback, smart chat.
Application structure
More than 200 detailed screens of prototypes. All scripts of user interface had been thought out. It had been make the testing among focus group.
Interface design
The objective was to visually apart from competitors, and this colour scheme is not used among other platforms.
The combination of shades looks prevalent and competitive.
Trading platform
Monyx – is the professional tool for traders and investors.
The most advanced tools were introduced for graphic work.
It was created the multifunctional product
Market statistic and macroeconomic events calendar, view the actual financial news
Educational tendering allow to try own force in trading without the real funds risk
Buy and sale of various assets on the common fiscal position: stocks, bonds, currency, features and options
Sophisticated tracking of broker account and open positions status
The implementations of technical analyse with using of graphical tools and wide set of indicators.
Online chat and instant feedback
TAO Philosophy
Objective :
Develop the new site with section for seminars of Temple of Original Simplicity, which has not been changed from 1996.
USA, Boston
The visual drenched in Taoism history and culture
Screen of the site main page
Master promo page
The page about seminar and seminar appointment.
Web-pack realization
It was given the task to develop the site, which stylistically reveals the way to taoism and attracts the new participants
The convenient site structure has been developed:
History and clarification about TAO verity
Meeting with Master Alex Anatole
There are presented books and production of master
The separation section about the section with register for it is thought out
Adaptive design
The flow of new apprentices increased by 65%.
The flow of new apprentices increased by
Along with development
we have known the truth
and way to TAO
Thank you for watching!
The website about franchising and partner business
Create the section with franchises quotations inside the website
Create the section in private office and in
The block structure of quotations should be adaptive on all devices
Developed the interactive table similar to the stock market
Made the uploading of the data from the independent analytic centre, and also the output in the section private of franchisee, which moderates with platform operator.
Thought the representation of quotations on all devices.
Quotations have the colour combination, which depends on the age of Franchise.
Block size depends on overall fertility of franchise.
The abbreviation has its own group and subgroup.
Tabular format of blocks
If you switch the “QUOTATIONS TYPES” button, blocks are changing to tabular format. It is available to move to subgroup, the position is showed in the form of digits on the graphic.
When hovering on the block of the one from quotations, it is appeared the information board with all quotations of this group (subgroups).
Tips window
The interactive graphic on the page with information about franchise.
Data is uploaded from the third-party service.
This section has complex functionality.
We have provided a lot of tests and experienced difficulties.
But we have managed to overcome the challenges and create the work product, which has not analogy.
Mobile App
The design of mobile application for coffee ticket sale
Design the application for client and staff of coffee houses.
Make the convenient purchase of ticket with various tariffs
Create the multiplatform of account replenishment
Adopt the map with premium and standard class establishments with contacts and feed
Create online chat
Colours are tailored to visual identity of client establishments
Tariff selection
Map of establishments
Tariff plan of ticket has some differ regarding premium and standard class establishments
Application Screens
It was detailed more than 100 screens
The best offers and tickets for real coffee experts.